Getting it right! When you break it all down there’s a lot to what we do and how we help. We’ve done the hard yards with gaining the industry knowledge, training and product research over the years and it’s here on tap for you. So if you’re looking for a team that has a long history of client first mentality then you are in the right place!  We think it’s important to see our operation so we encourage people to come in and look at our “Leading the pack” facilities and talk about their business.

Take advantage of our FREE 30-minute signage consultation where we focus on you and what you want to achieve or put right.

It all starts here! It’s the Q & A time where we get to understand a bit about you and what you want to achieve and start building the base for what you require.

The most important building block in supporting or developing your brand. Good design crosses all mediums such as vehicles, buildings, displays, letterhead, stationary etc. One of the key things here is setting up files that are high resolution and can meet all of your requirements from day 1.

Setting up the correct way to produce your signs is something that is pivotal to the end result. Material types, application, longevity, finishing etc is what we do daily. A good signwriter will supply specific media brand warranties and explain what’s being used and why.

Correctly installed signs and graphics last the test of time. But more importantly health and safety and removal of signage should be factored into the overall equation not the quick fix. Too often we see signage glued to a wall or roughly installed rendering expensive signage useless if you want to relocate it.

A new spin on signage is the digital wave. As print, signs, radio give a little ground the new player is digital signage. As you’ve guessed were on point with this. Be prepared to have your mindset expanded.

Changing mindsets and spaces. These speciality films allow you to make stunning never before transformations with texture and patterns. If you’re wanting to breathe some life into an office, home or business you need to check them out!

Great vehicle signage must do a number of things well to assist your business. It must communicate clearly with your target market! They need to know who you are, what services you offer and how you want them to contact you. Since 1980 we’ve been helping our customers achieve just that. 

When considering building signage it’s always an idea to check out your competition. You’ll want to be leading the pack when it comes to presentation. It’s not just the look that helps sell your business it’s the clear concise message that you send.

We love this medium because you can do so much. Hide it, promote it and even make a piece of art from your glass. The limitations are endless, dream it and if it’s possible we’ll be the ones that can do it! With glass, the services we can offer have never been wider. As with anything you’ll need to work out what you’re trying to do. That will usually fall under one of the following categories.

WOW, that’s what you need your customers to say! We’re all about giving you that competitive edge. From full-colour photographic imaging to text printed directly onto all sorts of media. So for the building site or the advertising/sponsorship opportunity we’ve got you covered.

Out with the brush in with the new! We have films to cover all of your requirements. When it comes to sticking things on a substrate if we can’t supply it chances are that it’s not been invented.

Pole signs and plinths can be designed in various ways to leave a lasting impression. We offer a wide range including fabricated aluminum clad plinths with 3D router cut letters, illuminated pole signs, or signs which incorporate both.

Expo signage to good old fashioned high quality flags. Our products are NZ made and manufactured and last the length of time required in our conditions. If your shopping on price it’s not us, however if you want quality and reliability then we should talk.

At Riccarton Signs, we’re all about quality and performance thus making sure that your signage lasts the distance. We’ve made a clear stand that we will manufacture locally where possible and any imported componentry or systems have been thoroughly vetted and tested by us first.

As an award-winner in this category, we have the expertise to create lasting impressions, 24 hours a day. Our illuminated and neon signs comply with all structural and electrical standards. All cases can be powder-coated to your colour choice.

Making a statement! That’s what plinths do. They say you’re serious, and more importantly, LOOK AT ME! Pole signs and plinths can be designed in various ways to leave a lasting impression.

We’ve got you covered. It’s one of the services we excel in. From fleets of 10 to over 500 we make it happen on time, on budget and to the highest standards of application. Our proven management system saves time and stress.

Developing a business identity and investing in quality signage is a significant undertaking. To ensure your investment continues to reach its target audience regular cleaning and servicing is required for all signage to ensure optimum performance.

It’s all about the image here. Most of the brands are already well known but it’s the standard of excellence of how the brand is repeatedly presented and portrayed that sets it apart from its competitors and how the general public view them.

It’s all about experience! From start to finish it’s all about the detail and proper planning and having contingency plans in place. Our open communication plan strips out the layers of sales reps and production managers that most other companies operate with.

At Riccarton Signs, we’ve always been serious about the safety of our staff, clients, their employees and the general public. The onerous cost of compliance and safety testing is high but we have embraced this as it is the only way forward for us all.